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Line to Leader knotGreat for tying fly line to leader line. Tie a knot at the end of your leader line and cut excess off. next tye and loop on your fly line "blue" and follow leader line "Red" weave and and slowly tighten.
Offshore swivel knot
offshore swivel knot 2
Offshore Swivel Knot 3
Improved Blood Knot Improved Blood knot 2
Improved Blood Knot 3
Line to Leader Knot

Offshore Swivel Knot

Improved Blood Knot

Bait Loop Knot

Bait Loop Knot

Great for using fish roe

Clinch Knot

Clinch Knot

Jansik Knot 1Jansik Knot 2

Jansik Knot 3Jansik Knot 4

Inproved Clinch Knot

Jansik Knot

trilene Knot




Snell Knot 1Snell Knot 2Snell Knot 3

Trilene Knot


Snell Knot

Polomar 1

Polomar 2

Polomar 3

Polomar 4





Polomar Knot