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Picket Fences is developed for the consumer who loves original handcrafts. Artist/Craftsmen alike are realizing that making original handcrafts enriches one's soul. The amount of incredible artist like yourself are astounding and PF handcrafts wants to help market you to the world. is here to help other artist market their original handcrafts so costumers like yourself would be able to find you.

Never hurts to have the extra exposure, right?....Specially when it FREE to have us market your product. PF handcrafts .com has and easy to download form on this web site to promote the sales of you original handcrafted product by simply submitting a good photo, short name & description, price of said product and of course seller information so we can notify you of your sale. Posting of said products will be viewable for 90 days of posting and if item does not sell the owner of the item will have to resubmit again, or simply email us with your item description ex: Item location and Title to have us keep it on for another 90 days or until it sales. only seeks 15% of your total sale. Meaning "PF handcrafts pays you the price you requested", minus 15% on your total cost of sold item. All shipping and handling of your Item/s is done by you the seller. PF handcrafts does not handle or hold any products of the seller. Seller deals directly with buyer allowing you the seller to create a client base for yourself. PLEASE NOTE: PF handcrafts holds no liability of transaction or decrepancies in said product if something between seller and buyer should arises.

PF handcrafts soul mission is to assist in the sale of your original handcrafts and help you prosper. Bookmark this site for you don't want to miss out on an open invitation to help folks obtain your original handcrafted treasures.