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Picket Fences Original Handcrafts "PFHandcrafts" is just a Hub for craftsmen who are interested in selling their products and holds no return policy on any item's purchase here. All Items sold here are products that are held by the seller only. Picket Fences Original Handcrafts stocks NO items for any sellers that promote their product here. The Seller is responsible for any returns due to reason that deem them acceptable. However if there happens to be a discrepancy on returns and/or a Sellers unwillingness to assist or deliver as promised on said goods. Please leave comment here at so that we may further better the simple business of honesty and quality and help us filter and make PFHandcrafts and better place to sell and shop. Unfortunately there’s always one bad apple in the mix of something great and beneficial. We aim HIGH on maintaining trust and in doing so PFHandcrafts appreciates you support. Note also that PFhandcrafts is commited to making sure that posting of products is as legit as possible and that the seller takes full responsabilty in conducting business as stated in morals of conduct. The seller must meet PFHandcrafts requirements to be eligable to sell here . We believe in honest simple guideline and adhere to them. Thanks Again for Helping Keep a Good Thing Strong!